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MUG Lyon - Single Page Application and Knockout.js

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to lead a conference for MUG (Microsoft User Group) of Lyon.
This workgroup presented several advantages of websites with a Single Page Application (SPA) philosophy.

These remarks were illustrated by a demonstration of Knockoutjs.
Several problems of SPA have been studied:

  1. The browsing history with the HTML 5 API
  2. The referencing (SEO) with the sharing of templates between the client and the server with Mustache.

FR slides and source code are available on GitHub: https://github.com/fpellet/MugSPA2012

I plan to write soon several articles on this topic.

If you had the opportunity to attend this conference, I invite you to write a comment to indicate what you liked or not, and allowing me to improve this presentation.

Tags: Javascript, Knockout, Asp.net MVC

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  • Clément said

    Thanks Florent for this conference. It was great.
    My two cents : it would be great to have the conference follow-up in git history. Then we could just checkout step by step to see small steps.

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